History has us believed that your body needs calories in order for our organs, muscles and the brain to effectively operate. The theory was that calories are from solid foods that are dense in various proteins, fats and carbohydrates producing energy to trigger the operative functions of the stomach, liver, kidney, intestines etc. which extract and feed all of those nourishing elements and minerals to the body through digestion and absorption. ….

Governments offer a generic food guide telling us which foods are optimal and promote the balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables based on a predetermined number of calories that an individual of a certain size, age, gender and sex should consume. If you consume more and less than directed, the assumption is that you will either gain or lose weight. ….

Yet, there’s research that shows that this method of dieting is unnatural and places more harm on your body due to the foods chosen to consume. History has shown that our bodies are designed very differently than originally taught and we should opt to a different diet and routine in order to be in-sync with this ultimate design. They realized that the reason that many people go through the ups-and-downs of feeling physically drained is because we are not putting the correct foods into our bodies. Our bodies are seriously lacking specific foods and these were identified as electric or alkaline foods. ….

Consider what occurs when you enjoy a large meal catered with meat protein and carbohydrates similar to an event during the holidays or a family gathering. Soon after enjoying your first bite and the food reaches your stomach, it starts working at breaking-down the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, complex sugars, minerals, etc. in order for your liver and kidney to absorb and release all nutritional elements to the body and we defecate the excess that our bodies doesn’t require. Remember when your parent told you to take small bite and to chew your food as much as possible prior to swallowing; the reason was to assist your stomach with this process. ….

Your stomach is a muscle no different than a bicep or the heart and it’s activated when something enters it. Similar to any muscle, when the stomach is working out, it consumes a significant amount of effort and energy which is the exact reason why you feel physically tired shortly after consuming these heavy meals. Yet, we can’t say the same when your body consumes a veggie smoothie with the same number of calories. Since the smoothie contains already broken-down vegetables, fruits, seeds, oats, etc. prior to ingestion, the stomach requires less effort to complete its duties.


Proteins, carbohydrates, fats and complex sugars place a significant amount of stress on your stomach to complete digestion as opposed to consuming a significant number of electric foods. I prefer to use the term electric diet as I feel that our bodies are electric. Electric foods are original, non-hybrid, non-GMO, plant foods that are constructed in a way that optimizes the delivery of electrical signals throughout the body. ….

Others will use the term alkaline foods where the theory is that once foods are metabolised, they leave either an acidic or an alkaline waste product or “ash” in your body and that “ash” will affect the PH levels in your body. If you add the scientific theory confirming that no diseases can live in an alkaline environment, then if you maintain an alkaline/electric diet, you should never be diseased.


In fact, as opposed to our body being considered an engine, we are just one big homeostasis battery. All of the functions in our bodies are controlled by electrical signals transmitted from our brains through the nervous system. The nervous system is a two-way system that allows the body to send electrical signals back to the brain. These signals jump from cell to cell until the messages reach their destination. The body produces electrical messages similar to 1s and 0s of binary computer code that tells the body what to do and relays to the brain what is going on in the body. ….

Our bodies gain energy through the consumption of electric food instead of the number of calories consumed. The more you consume electric foods, the more energy you will have, amongst many other benefits. The diet focuses on live and raw foods like naturally-grown fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains. Non-electric foods and elements are stored for later during fasting or extended periods without food.


A calorie is a measure of energy expenditure, yet consider that an athlete gains energy when it drinks water even if water doesn’t contain any calories. Water is electric. Your bodies are able to operate for days without any food, yet it can’t continue a single day without water. It requires electricity to keep our internal functions and systems operating. …. So why are we so focused on consuming calories when there’s plenty of science and research out there to confirm that our body doesn’t function on the number of calories we give it, but the quality and type of food that we provide it.


I invite to run some empirical experiments on yourself to determine your level of energy after consuming certain foods. Review your pantry and fridge to determine how many electric foods that you have and consume daily and reference it with your current amount of energy that you have on a daily basis. Do you find yourself snacking due to lack of energy? Do you find yourself wired with plenty of energy to burn? Which foods satisfies your body, not your palette, the most? …. Focusing on a calorie-based diet puts significant amount of stress on organs which is why many people look much older than their perceived age due to the constant work that your stomach and organs are completing. Most important, you may consume the correct number of calories for your body, but you may not be consuming the proper foods that your body quenches for. ….

Instead of focusing on calories-in and calories-out, consider transitioning to a mindset that is more natural and groomed for your organs and systems. This mindset is to incorporate more electric foods into your diet as well as reduce the number of non-electric foods consumed daily. Expect growing pains as our addiction to complex sugars prevents us from making this miraculous leap towards optimal health. But, with discipline, you can significantly improve your health, strengthen your immune system and ensure that the last remaining years of your life are electric.